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Purl Marketing Training

When the name of your prospect or website visitor is in the actual URL (website address), they will be compelled to visit that URL.   A “Personal URL” allows you to provide each prospect on your list with their very own personal web page using their name imbedded in the URL.

This is called a PURL and using one activates many psychological buying factors that will dramatically increase your response rates and the amount of time prospects stay on your landing page.

The Curiosity Factor Will Drive Your Prospects To Visit Their Own Customized PURL Page Immediately.

If you are marketing an online product, seminar, trade show, workshop, affiliate program, or anything else, using PURL marketing will increase your response rates by 4 – 5 times or more!

When your prospect visits their own personal URL, they are blown away when the entire page is customized with their name.  They will believe that you have taken the time to create an entire page just for them.

This creates an instant bond because they believe that you have already gone out of your way to get their attention. It makes them feel important!

 Not Only Can You Customize The Web Address (URL), But You Can Also Customize Your Webpage With The Prospects Name!

I knew that creating a custom URL wasn’t enough so I developed the script to also give you the ability to customize your webpages with the prospects name. You can show the full prospect name or other variations of their name.

To see a complete demo of how this script works, fill in your full name into the demo box below.


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Test The PURL Script Yourself – No Email Needed

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