Client Capturing – Loyal Lead Generation Strategies

I was reading a story the other day about a trainer and mentor that generated over half a million dollars in sales each year.

And his Client List was only at about 5,000 or so…

I read with great intent and interest an email from another Guru who regularly generates $25,000 to $30,000 every time he sends an email out to his list.

Now – these guys are in the “Internet Marketing” training business.

What if you are a small business owner or your business is that of real estate? Would you get these same results by sending out one simple email?
Would you sell more Widgets? Would you need more Inventory, houses, properties?

I mean – wouldn’t it be so cool if you actually sent an email out and $10,000 came flying Back at you?

Well – if you have a list of actual Buyers – Not the so called Tire Kickers – doesn’t it make sense that you would make More Money… Quicker?

I have heard the strategy of Laser Focused List building described this way:

“List Building is the most important tool you will use in building your
business€™s income. List Building is a process of gathering a list of e?mail
addresses for the purpose of campaign usage and/or marketing
purposes. This is a perfect way of keeping your targeted crowd of
people informed on new products, services, and other important
notifications that they may be interested and intrigued by.”

However – to be very clear – List Building is nothing if you do not have Customer Loyalty as well. Let’s add another little kicker to the game…

You have a list – but doesn’t it make sense that if your list does not Open your email… you will LOSE money?

Just think about this – if you Double your email Open Rate – would your overall profits not increase as well?

I have given you several things to think about today and here is a gift that will help you with your list building:

57 List Building Tips and Strategies

This is a 39 Page Report on List Building so take it and Implement some of the Client Retention strategies right now.

And then come back and let me know what you think about it…

Terry Wygal

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